Proceeding from our belief in the importance of the development and training of the bakheet’s employees. And in order to provide the support to our valued customers, which contributes to improve professionalism in business operations. Bakheet has developed a training and development department to develop its employees and customers in all the systems and solutions that contribute to the professional development of the work environment.

Training is a strategic choice for the company to develop its employee to meet the needs of work and keep up with the development. The training and development department meet the training needs of the employees of the company and customers to provide the scientific method and the training plan that ensures accurate and upgrading the employee to perform his job with all professional and implemented in a manner consistent with the company's policies and goals.

These syllabuses include our machines training (mechanical, electrical and hydraulic) and machine operation and inspection and also syllabus of occupational health and safety. In addition to a range of courses in soft skills training and other training syllabus developed to meet the training needs of the company and customer. To ensure the achievement of the objectives of the training department , we provide training rooms equipped with the latest equipment and training tools in all branches of the bakheet company in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Training department provides completion certificates are authorized by the bakheet company and the government bodies in Saudi Arabia.

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